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Comment: Hi E.P I was just wondering...

soulight started this conversation

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ethericplane said :

The root cause of a lack of money, is a belief that you don't deserve it. That there's not enough to go around. Where this misguided notion comes from, who knows, but it's not true. If you could just change your inner beliefs towards money, you could be a millionaire tommorrow. It all starts in your inner world, in the deepest recesses of your mind. From there, with no conscious effort or will, all the money, wealth and good fortune, you could ever use, will flow to you, automatically.

I've posted below, a number of different mind re-programming mp3's that are free to anyone who wishes to download and use them for their own personal benefit, or for the benefit of someone they know. Just listen to them through speakers, unless other wise noted, to use headphones, and see if they don't help plant the seed of prosperity in your deep inner mind, and set you on the path to financial abundance. Good Luck

                                               Dana (

Just click the links below, to access "free downloads"

The energy of money

Money (use headphones)

Poverty Remover

Moneywish 1

Money-Magnet Pro Mind(use headphones)





 my question :

Hi E.P I was just wondering , is the end result of listening to the tapes to have more money ? That may change people's material world , but how about the inside ? How about being content whether you have money or not ? Even when you do get rich , you can lose money all over again . Being content no matter what you do or do not have is a lot more valuable in my eyes. soulight











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